Sunday, 22 February 2015

Runstreak Day #449 - full day of NWR

This whole 'setting up a running club' thing seemed like such a simple idea.  We had lots of members of our Facebook group.  Plenty of willingness.  And oodles of enthusiasm.

The reality is that it's a LOT of work, taken on by a very few people.  In the last week, I've set up an AGM and promoted it, attended a meeting with the city council, I've drafted a club constitution, posted role descriptors ready for nominations, come up with a system for voting and prepared a load of posters for our new beginners and improvers' sessions.  As well as writing emails to my beginners group and delivering the session itself.  You have to really want it to happen to get it to happen.  Fortunately, I believe that it's the right thing to be doing and am happy to put the time in... but you sure couldn't do this stuff half-heartedly!!

So... today's run was actually two runs.  One was a run to my beginners' session.  Not particularly fast, but a nice steady pace which felt good.  The second was the 25 minute run with the group.  They did amazingly well again - some running a lot more than 25 minutes.  It blows me away to see their progress.  And I love their enthusiasm and passion for their running too.  I knew I wanted to run beginners' sessions when I decided to do the LiRF last year, but I had no idea exactly how rewarding it would be.  It is so much fun but it is such a privilege as well.  You get to see the difference running makes to other people's lives... and it's wonderful.

Simple ideas take a lot of effort.  Simple ideas can make a real difference.  And if you want to make a difference, you have to put in the effort!  If nothing else doing this runstreak has taught me is that you never regret finding a way to make time for the things you believe are worth doing.

449 days.  Yup.  Don't regret any of 'em.

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