Thursday, 12 February 2015

Runstreak Day #438 - short runs, big plans

Only a really short run today.  It wasn't going to be, but I felt just too tired to run again this afternoon, and with a busy evening, there wasn't time for it otherwise.

Well, when I say there wasn't time... actually... there was.  I just didn't feel up to it.  So, I didn't.  The months of little sleep have well and truly caught up with me!  Which leaves me listening to my body and collapsing in a heap for an old lady nap in the afternoon rather than pushing through it.  The run I did in the morning was just running my littlest to school.  Although it's short, it does involve a couple of hundred feet of climbing and that definitely works the legs in a morning.

This morning, I also had the pleasure of carrying part of my daughter's lunch with me... and my son's lunch... and her jumper... and... and... and.  All the stuff that was 'too heavy' for them to carry, but apparently fine for me to run with.  The problem is that my running back is great for light stuff... however, it doesn't quite fit tightly enough to my body and even with the straps done up fully, there's a bit of jiggle space kicking around.  When you have something heavy in the bag, that means it's a-rockin' to and fro... and drives you just a bit crackers!  It was so nice to get to school, get rid of their stuff... and then run home, light and free!

Also didn't do a Sweatshop run this evening as I had a meeting about the next sessions we're going to run with Notts Women Runners.  It's really exciting to be part of it and the potential of getting all those women running is huge!  The other thing that's good is having somewhere to point our current beginner runners so we don't just abandon them the moment they get into running and form a community.  Can't wait to get advertising and see what happens!!

Right.  Bed.  Insomnia... here I come!  *yawns*

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