Thursday, 12 February 2015

Runstreak Day #435 - soxy!

Hooray!  It's me and some of my fab Beginners' group from this morning's session *points at photo*  ... and look... crazy sock wearing is spreading all over Nottingham!!   YAY!!!!

Beautiful morning for a run today. I could almost... almost start to feel that *whispers* Spring might be in the air.  Almost.  The sun was out and there was a teensy bit of warmth to it.  There was lots of happy chatting as we ran.  And I even managed to be outside without a bobble hat on for.... ooooh... seconds!

As seems to be the case at the moment, my running was broken up into smaller runs.  One run to the park - where I thought I was late and took a stupidly steep shortcut - and then arrived early.  Whoops!  One run with the beginners' group around the lakes... totally inspiring as ever.  I LOVE it!  And one run around the lakes again at the end looking for someone's keys which had been dropped!  A little extra bonus of a run right at the end.  Gotta love it.  Still, at least I wasn't standing around getting cold today.  I got to enjoy the company of a whole load of other incredible women.  And had moments with Zoe Blackburn​ which made me laugh my face off.

What's not to like about starting off a Sunday like that?  As I was doing my final bit of running to look for the car keys I was running thinking 'must concentrate on looking for keys... oooh... isn't it lovely to be running along in the sunshine... and look at the sparkly water... and oh, there's some geese... and a puppy dog... hello puppy dog... mmmm, running under the trees... soon be Spring... la la laaaa... Whoops!  Should be looking for keys... concentrate... concentrate... keys... right... look for them... oh, hello blue sky!  And snowdrops!  Oh and mind out for the puddle... doo be doo...'

I didn't find the keys.

Fortunately, someone else did.  Phewie!!

Day 435 - you were a goodie!  And I've finally brought my weekly mileage back up above 35 miles.  Result!!

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