Monday, 9 February 2015

Runstreak Day #436 - broken banana, broken me

That's it.  I broke myself today.

Ran just over 12 miles in a variety of blobs of running.  Plus, walked just over 6 miles to and from town.

And now, I can barely move.  That's the way to start your week, right?  Didn't quite think today's running through.  I was just going to run my littlest to and from school - which would have been about 5 miles.  And then do the back marking job for the beginners' group we run on a Monday night, giving me another couple of miles.  Then... this afternoon my husband texts me and says he's got an appointment at 4:30 and won't be home before 6.  Which means that any chance of him taking me to the beginners' group has vanished.

And which also means that my quickest way of getting there is to run it.  Which would be fine if it weren't for the fact that the route there is flippin' hilly.  Up, up a bit more, up some more, down, up, up again, down a bit, then more upness, a smidge of down,  more never-ending upitude and finally a small down... before that last hilly bit.  Bleh!  I ended up being a few minutes late to the beginners' group.  Had chance to eat half a smooshed banana which had been destroyed during my run there.  And then set off with the beginners.  Naughtily, I know I didn't push the back runners as much as I might have.  Because *my* legs were broken!  I know it's not all about me and it's about what the group needs etc.

But... I am broken!  Properly broken.

One cuppa cha later and I'm still broken.  Bed beckons!  Day 436 and about 3,000,000 bits of running.  And my feet are cold.  Just in case you wondered!

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