Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Runstreak Day #443 - beginners at Bulwell

Another short run today, but a goodie.  With our beginners' group at Bulwell where I got to run with the faster group today.  I really like the fact that I'm not leading it, but instead get to assist where needed.  I often cover the back group, sometimes the middle... and today, up with the front.  It means I get to run with a whole new bunch of people, enjoy their successes and cheer them on when they need it.  But, above all, I get to be there with them when they're doing more than they ever realised they could.

It doesn't matter if I'm with the front, middle or back groups... success bubbles all around with our beginners.  Tonight, they managed a 20 minute run for the first time.  20 whole minutes.  From a group with whom we took those very first difficult running steps to being able to run with them for 20... and chatting too.  I love hearing how running is already transforming their lives.  What it's doing for their bodies.  Their confidence.

It's a very special, powerful thing.  I know that a lot of people don't get running or why you'd run.  I wish they could even get one tiny glimpse of the transformation I see happening week by week.  If you saw that, if you could be part of that, if you could feel the positivity... you might just start to get it too.

I am a lucky old me!

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