Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Runstreak Day #442 - Sunday beginner funday

Yay!  Today was a fab running day.  I got to run with my beginners' group again... we now have 96 runners registered at my Sunday morning sessions... isn't that mad???  I never thought when I did the LiRF last year that I'd get to lead such a big and amazing group.  Or that it would give me far more than I could ever have imagined.

My group did their first ever 20 minute run today and the atmosphere was electric.  Full of nerves before they started... and then... such pride at the end.  Lots of cheering when the 20 minutes was reached, high fives, hugs... it was awesome.  I don't know that many of them could believe they'd done it.  And done it in style too.  Full of ace socks and happy runners, chatting as they went and supporting each other brilliantly.

I could wish that when I'd started I'd had a group to run with.  It took me a year to brave running with other people and I was so nervous about being 'found out' that I wasn't a proper runner.  Yet, here is this big, fabulous group of women, running together round the park while other park users smile and watch them go.  It's just incredible to be part of.

Is it daft if I actually feel a bit tingly and teary when I think about it?  I am just SO proud of them and all they've achieved in the past few weeks.

I'm also a teensy bit proud of myself today... I've managed my first ever 40 mile+ week and have clocked up over 200 miles already this year.

Just goes to show, it doesn't matter if you're running for 1 minute, 20 minutes or racking up the miles in some other way - running gives you so much to feel positive about.

I <3 running!!

And tea.  And my running friends.  And awesome socks.  And my trainers!!  And being outside and feeling inspired, free and completely happy on a Sunday morning.

*happy dances*

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