Thursday, 12 February 2015

Runstreak Day #437 - 8 mile

Well, 8 miles split over a full day.  It's amazing how just running the school run adds up the mileage without much stress at all.  2.5 miles round trip in the morning.  2.5 in the afternoon.  And then with a beginner's run in the evening, it made a comfortable 8 miles.

I know.  Comfortable.  And 8 miles in the same sentence!

It's still feeling slightly scary to glue all those miles back together, but what with the various running commitments I have at the moment... interspersed with feeling crappy and other stuff, having the energy to do a big blob of a run is a challenge.  Plus, I'm enjoying the run to and from school with my littlest.  He loves scooting along with me and chatting about Lego, Lego and more Lego.  And Lego.  Of course.

Plus, then I had the sheer joy of running with some of my Colwick beginners.  I informally repeat our Sunday session on a Tuesday and there are about 25 of us running round Carlton.  A gaggle of chatting and happiness.  It's lovely.  And then there are moments such as seeing someone who'd been struggling not to walk in the run sections of the session, voluntarily running back up the hill to the supermarket where we'd started.  I felt so proud of her.  I feel so proud of all of them.  The mood is just so positive and happy.  When I don't feel 100%, it's things like this that remind me of how amazing things can be.  No matter how flat and low I feel, runs like that still sparkle.

And it always means I've earned my cuppa cha afterwards.  Hooray!

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