Friday, 27 February 2015

Runstreak Day #453 - skipped one...

... still did two.  Runs, that is.  But I was just too tired to run to pick up my littlest from school, so ended up having a lazy-ish day with my running and just going to Sweatshop with him in the evening instead.  Knowing that although I was going to get a second run in, it really wouldn't be very fast or very far.  And that suited me just fine.

In fact, the morning run was a struggle too.  Not least because the weather was foul.  Itty bitty spitty rain that absolutely soaked my face.  Thank goodness for my waterproof running jacket... but even so, it was horrible out.  Plus, the pavement we use is being dug up in loads of different places, so it's a bit like an obstacle course to navigate our way to school.

The evening run was less wet.  My littlest was tired though and although he managed the first mile and a half without too much problem, by the last half mile he was definitely at the point of having had enough.  He'd got his new running water bottle with him, but even that wasn't sufficient to keep him from flaking out by the end.  He is enjoying it though and that's the most important thing for me.  I'm not prepared to push him to do more than he's comfortable with because if he ends up hating it, what would be the point in that?

So, I copped out a bit today.  Got some miles in.  But nowt more than that.

And sometimes, that's all you need for a running streak!

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