Saturday, 14 February 2015

Runstreak Day #441 - hill love again

Day 441 all run and dusted!

It was going to be a parkrun day.  with my littlest.  Who then decided at the last minute that he wasn't going to go!

So I didn't either!

And then the rest of the day happened.  So, it ended up being 8pm by the time I had time to go.  Started out not knowing where I was running to.  Just ran.  Had felt weirdly anxious before setting out.  Hate it that it can seep into everything, even the thought of running, which is one of the most automatic things to do.  Sometimes it's just best to run through those moments... just gotta do up your trainers and head out of the door.

I vaguely ran down the hill, listening to whatever appeared on my iPod.  Then decided that I'd tackle a hilly hill route.  Mainly to distract myself from thinking about anything at all.  Hills are great like that.  Would never have caught myself saying that a couple of years ago!  Hills were to be feared.  Now, they're a challenge, sure... but they are one of the most completely absorbing, relaxing things to conquer.  Even if they make you sweat and swear a bit.  Today's hill was actually a couple of hills.  One long and grinding with an evil kick at the end.  The second goes evil-steady-evil-steady... and finally down.  Hooray!

And tonight... down felt good.  It felt aeroplane-arms kinda good.  It felt wind-in-the-air-free-and-happy good.  It felt just as it needed to feel.

And that's why hills are brilliant.  They zone you out with the tough uphill stuff.  And then rewards you with that feeling of 'woooo hooo' just at the right moment.

Ooooh... there appears to be a cuppa cha next to me.  Yum!

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