Friday, 27 February 2015

Runstreak Day #450 - inspiration

Day 450!!  Bosh!!

Ran 10k today, split over two runs.  First was a run with my littlest to school and home again.  The second was with our Monday evening beginners' group.  Who were epic tonight!

After 450 days running each day, running can still surprise me.  Sometimes it's how gross I can be (yeah, I am *that* gross)... sometimes it's how fab I feel... sometimes it's how frustrating it is... sometimes it's just how peaceful I feel.  Today, I ran through my neck and shoulder hurting (damn prolapsed disc in my neck!)... but still managed to enjoy it.  Yet, on other days, a small stone in my shoe can drive me to distraction and take away any enjoyment at all.

I also got to be blown away by how brilliant our beginners are.  It was so cold and windy out, but they all ran for a minimum of 25 minutes.  The sound of chatting as they went was excellent.  And on a night when most people would be curled up on the sofa, our new runners were out there, braving the elements and being awesome.  Surprising themselves with what they achieved too.  Love it!

So, no particular celebratory run for 450.  Just another day of running.  Another good day where running featured in just the right amount.  A day where I had counselling and in talking through things realised exactly how important running is to me.  It's my link back to my old self.  It brings me fulfillment and proves to me that I can still *do* things, even when so much else is difficult.  I get company from inspirational women as I run.  It's not bad, is it?  Not bad at all.  :)

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