Friday, 27 February 2015

Runstreak Day #451 - three run day

Although I'll be running again later for run streak day 451 parts 2 and 3, I thought I'd just share with you my school run-run with my littlest. If anyone can spot the flat bit where I get a rest, that'd be dandy! It's also the reason why my weekly elevation total for my runs looks like I climb a mountain on a regular basis!

There really is no escaping them. And when you're faced with getting a child to school who's late, you discover the ability to run them at increasingly quick speeds! Now, I don't know whether or not professional runners do the school run as part of their training... I'm assuming not... but we mummy runners have to do whatever we can to get the miles in. Even slogging up and down stupid hills several times a day!

Anyway, thanks to my dawdling son, I managed my own version of a Chariots of Fire run, complete with a slice of feeling epicness and having an old lady yell 'you're making me feel tired just looking at you!' at me!  This obviously means my next couple of runs will be treacle runs but who cares? In your face hills!!

Mmmmmm... tea. Mmmmmm... ☺

PS  Runs 2 and 3 were great - especially run 3 with my Colwick runners.  They are such strong, beautiful, inspirational runners.  I love getting to run with them!  Plus, on run 2, I managed my fastest ever kilometre - breaking the 4 minute mark for the first time with 3:59!

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