Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Runstreak Day #430 - the school run chaos...

Run one of today's 3-course menu of running delight for day 430... done.  And you can't beat a good epic sockage moment to start the day either.  What is slightly less epic is the chaos of a school run-run.  Now, it didn't matter too much that we left slightly later than normal as it doesn't take us as long when I'm running and my littlest is on his scooter.  So, that was okay.  My daughter had gone on ahead as she walks to school (she's 11 so loves being a bit more independent!) and once she's gone, we don't normally see her.

Today, we did.  We got to the park and done the first bit of the big hill with Boysie chatting away about Lego, things with wheels and stuff that explodes (standard fare)... and there she was, dawdling away.  La la laaaa... no rush getting to school... la la laaaa.  Well, I say to her 'get a wriggle on because you're going to be late' and leave her to it (the joy of attempting to foster independence!).  We carry on running and scooting to the top of the hill, I check that she's still behind me and in sight - she is... and we carry on down the hill.  At the bottom of the hill, there's her friend that she normally walks with, who's obviously given up waiting for The Girl and is heading to school.  I tell her that if she just walks a little bit up the hill, she'll meet The Girl.

And we scoot and run into school with about 5 minutes to spare.  Job done.  I say goodbye to Boysie, turn round and run back up the hill.  There's The Girl's friend.  With no The Girl.  My heart exits my trainers.  My pelvic floor is tested to the extreme.  Where is The Girl???  Friend of The Girl says she never saw her when she walked up the hill... but that's impossible as she was only a little way behind us.  I attempt to not panic and run my little legs off and back up the hill.  No sign of her on the first bit of the hill.  She could have been kidnapped.  She'll be on the front page of the newspaper.  Why did I trust her?  I should have stayed with her.  What about those guys with the dogs in the park... what have they done... and... and... and...

I turn the corner and nothing.  Then... there she is.  The Girl is still on the other side of the road and hasn't even crossed over yet.

Her dawdling has reached professional levels and I am so relieved my maternal nagging gene doesn't even kick in.

I attempt a slightly high-pitched but jolly 'oh there you are, we'd better hurry up', get her hand and run her the half mile back down the hill to school.  As fast as my daughter has ever run!  We get to school, only a few minutes late (and since my husband works in the school office, officially not late at all - tee hee!)...

And internally I collapse in a heap.  Then run home for not one but two cups of tea.

The epic socks have brought with them maternal super powers!

School run again later?  And another run with my beginners this evening.  Well... why not...  :)

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