Friday, 20 February 2015

Runstreak Day #447 - daylight tootle

I have to be honest... I didn't really fancy a run today.  Don't know why.  Just didn't!  I hadn't had a good night's sleep - which is nothing unusual - but I felt wrecked and as sluggish as a sluggish thing!  I was almost going to ask if anyone else fancied going for a run with me this evening, but in the end, decided that I'd put on my big brave girl pants and go this afternoon.

It was nice to go out in the daylight... but I didn't go alone.  I got my littlest to come along with me.  Having company when you're not really feeling it with your running is *exactly* what you need to do sometimes!  Even if he is being a bit grumpy about whether to go on his bike or scooter.  Then debates the route.  Several times.  Still, we got out and it was good.  Got beeped at by one of my Colwick group who was going past in the car (yay for other runners!)... and arrived at the park to let him scoot around a bit while I ran round the park itself.

Y'know, it was nothing special, but I did quite enjoy it.  Then went to the physio and got my neck mangled which wasn't quite so enjoyable!  In a weird way though, I'm glad he's finally sussed what's the matter and the prolapsed disc in my neck will eventually get better... and waiting on muscles to heal which won't because the underlying problem isn't sorted... well, that's no longer an issue.  It *will* get better.  I won't have to have the pain and tingling in my neck and shoulder forever.  And maybe, just maybe, I'll actually fancy going for a run on my own tomorrow!

Until then?  There's tea.  :o)

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