Friday, 20 February 2015

Runstreak Day #445 - Sweatshop sweating

This is my week of 'not running very much' after last week's busy one.  Mainly because the kids are on half term and running when everyone's home doesn't go down well!  So, today's run was Sweatshop with my littlest.  He loves running down the hill - doing a weird chicken-monkey impression while he goes - but when he gets to the bottom and realises he has to go back up... oh dear.  We had tears and everything tonight.  Until he got engrossed in a conversation about Minecraft and suddenly discovered he could run again, without even trying!

While we were running, the cold, as ever, made me want to pee.  Glam, right?  Which made me also think about how gross I've become through my running.  In fact, the longer my runstreak goes on, the more gross I get.  If I get back from my beginners' runs, for example, I'm really not sweaty at all... so I don't shower.  I body spray and change into my ordinary clothes.  And then I wear the same running gear for the next run.  Socks an' all.  Mmmm... stinky.  Plus, I snot rocket when I'm on my own.  I have peed behind a bush.  I may have not made it to the bush in the past...  I am not frightened to be burp-powered.  And a good travelling trump is always satisfying.  Unless you suddenly become aware of someone behind you and then it's all kinda 'bury me' embarrassing.

So, when my littlest is crying about a hill, I'm struggling with sympathy because I actually need a pee.  And all of the grossness above is a solo-activity.  And there will be no bush visits!  It becomes a matter of convincing him to get moving.  And stop climbing on walls.  Because the pee fairy is due a visit!

Anyway, I did have a bath after today's run.  I'm fragrant as a rose.

But I still have epic snot-rocket skills.  :o)

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