Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Runstreak Day #431 - two run Wednesday

Neither run particularly quick... but as part of 'campaign build back up my mileage', every run counts.  I am finding that running the route to school is getting easier.  Up a big hill, down a big hill... and then back the same way.  Freezing cold out and hard to get going... but I run with my littlest and we chat as we go and it's a good way to start the morning.  Plus, he loves doing it.  I do like the fact that we get to spend time together being active.  Obviously we get some weird looks from people as we go!  And I had someone tell me I was mad as I ran home!  Nice!

They're not far off right to be honest!  What with PTSD, counselling, anxiety, medication and the like... without running, I'm sure I'd be far worse.  Plus, after less than an hour's sleep last night, I'm amazed I was able to move let alone run!

By the time I got home and warmed up, that was run one done.  The second run came much later when I did the Sweatshop run - also with my littlest.  I can't quite believe how much he likes going!  And he now says he wants to do parkrun on a Saturday too.  Yay!  Okay, so he much prefers running down a hill to up and moans about the uphill bits something chronic... but then... don't we all prefer a good run downhill?  And anyway, I didn't care as I was rocking my new stripy socks. I LOVE a good pair of groovy socks.  If only it were easier to track the pesky things down!!

Right.  All runs done.  Bed for me.


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