Sunday, 13 April 2014

Runstreak Day #134 - and the missing 0.01

Day 134 and I ran just under a quarter of a marathon!!! 
Yeah, okay, that doesn't sound too brilliant, does it! Not when you think of all those thousands and thousands of people slogging their way around London right now. But some runs are a slog no matter the distance, aren't they!
I had in my mind this morning the stories I've heard of people en route to their marathons, giving myself a stern talking to when I felt like giving up and walking. There was a bit of a headwind kicking about and I was sweltering. Not a nice combination and I just couldn't get it together. By the time I got home, I'd run 6.19 miles. And the thought of even another step towards the 6.2 mile / 10k mark made me go 'nah, don't think so'. So, I didn't. Because the sooner I let go of today's crappy run, the happier my brain and legs will be. 
In less than half an hour one of the people I know is predicted to finish. And they won't be about to give up that last .01, I'm sure of that!!
Right... kettle on... feet up... I declare it 'watching the results coming in' o'clock... 
*happy dances into kitchen*

Geeky stats stuff
Distance:6.19 mi
Avg Pace:8:44 min/mi
Moving Time:54:00
Elapsed Time:59:04
Avg Pace:8:44 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace:8:44 min/mi
Best Pace:7:00 min/mi

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