Friday, 11 April 2014

Runstreak Day #132 - hills, hills and more hills. And hills.

Hills.  Hills and more hills.  With extra hills sprinkled on to the hills for good measure.  At least 9 of the little stinkers.

That about sums up my run on Day 132.  Hills.

Oh, and did I mention the hills?

At first when I'm running the hills, I'm just running up them.  Then, as they get steeper, I start to repeat to myself 'light and strong' - to remind my feet and legs to do what they need to do.  By the time I'm getting to the end of my run and yet another hill jumps in front of me, 'light and strong' has become 'cup of tea'... and only the thought of my cuppa when I get home keeps me going.  That and having to pass anyone as I'm running up a hill.  No-one wants to serve up a humiliating slice of middle-aged hill-running mummy fail in front of people tinkering with their cars or teenagers loitering, least of all me!

I think I may have broken myself now.  I have tea, but the thought of disappearing off to bed and snoozing is almost more enticing...

I seem to have lost all use of my legs.

Bloody hills.

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:3.99 mi
Avg Pace:8:36 min/mi

Moving Time:34:22
Elapsed Time:38:02
Avg Pace:8:36 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace:8:37 min/mi
Best Pace:6:51 min/mi

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