Saturday, 12 April 2014

Runstreak Day #133 - tired legs and marathons

I only ran 5k today. And that was enough. My legs were tired after running up and down silly hills yesterday. And it made me think... all those marathon-runners... whether that's tomorrow's VLM or all the other marathons that have been entered and conquered... marathon runners are absolutely bloody phenomenal!! I thought about the ones running in London tomorrow all as I ran this evening... all nervously preparing for the big day.  It's huge, isn't it!
Then again, we all run our own little marathons, don't we? Whether that's the juggle to squeeze in full-time work, childcare and running. Or the huge leap from running for 5 minutes to running for 20 which comes with Couch to 5k. Or completing your first parkrun. Or running with a buggy when you'd rather be home with a cuppa. Or getting back into running after an injury. Or running during pregnancy. Or overcoming body confidence issues and getting out there. Or just realising through running that you are capable of more than you ever believed you could be.
So, I 'only' ran 5k. But I managed 2 miles in 15:46 and am starting to get sub-8 minute miles for the majority of my run which is verging on the miraculous for me.
Go, run your marathons tomorrow. Whether that's the full 26.2 or your own personal marathon!
Time for a happy dance? Why yes indeedy...
*happy dances* 

Geeky stats stuff
Distance:3.16 mi
Avg Pace:8:09 min/mi
Moving Time:25:44
Elapsed Time:26:09
Avg Pace:8:09 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace:8:09 min/mi
Best Pace:6:41 min/mi

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