Sunday, 9 March 2014

Runstreak Day #99 - the little lessons...

Do be dooooo... Day 99 is done!!

10k in 55:40 according to my Garmin... yay!  PB for me!  Maybe just maybe I can crack that 55 minute mark sometime soon?

But the very best thing about running today was my littlest who did a Parkrun today... after having had a Parkrun disaster a couple of weeks ago when a big kid accidentally kicked him and he ended up dropping out after 1 lap in tears.  Anyway, despite being nervous about it today he managed it!  Afterwards he said 'I felt like crying but then I remembered what you said when you're running and finding it hard... you just find a way to keep on going... so I did too.'  And he was dead proud of himself.  And I was proud of him too!  He has a tendency not to want to give things a second go if they don't work out the way he wants to - so the fact that he managed it was fab.

I run because it makes me happy.  I run because I know that there's always something to learn.  And because my children get to learn stuff that's important too.

Happy dancing and tea?

Don't mind if I do.  :o))

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