Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Why parents should run... Runstreak Day #102

Runstreak Day #102... a very slow run as I - and I don't know quite how I did it - managed to strain my hip and shin yesterday. Walking. Not even running! I walked about 9 miles to and from train stations and am hobbling today. All those miles of running and it's walking that does me in!!
Anyway, I managed it - about a mile and three-quarters (have lowered my lower limit to a mile a day!), squeezed in a steep hill and got myself home in one piece.
Cutest thing of the day? I was at a conference in Birmingham and my daughter sent me a text message to say she'd done me a running book! I got home and it's ace! The front cover is a picture of 'mummy is running'. Then it says 'I love my mummy'...
'After her run she sits in her green chair. Then she has a shower... After her run mummy dos a run calander. (on her computer)' (complete with picture of me at a computer, smiling...
'She liked doing runing wen thers blue sky... and sun... she likes doing long runs... somtimes she dos not wear her gloves'
'What mummy needs to do her runing... her pink runing top... runing trouzers... her gloves... her traners... her Buff' - and everything's all drawn out and labelled. Awwwww! 
We run for ourselves... and we run because the little people in our lives notice that we run - and they get to see being active and healthy as normal. And that's awesome.
As is tea. That's awesome too. 

Geeky stats stuff
Distance:1.64 mi
Avg Pace:9:16 min/mi
Moving Time:15:10
Elapsed Time:15:09
Avg Pace:9:16 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace:9:16 min/mi
Best Pace:7:59 min/mi

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