Friday, 7 March 2014

Hilly hills and not wimping out... aka runstreak day 97

Day 97 done... and 3 more days until Day 100!!!  How exciting!  I can hardly believe that's so close now.  Not decided whether I'll carry on after Day 100, but it's nice to know it's so close.

Today was 'stupidly hilly' day.  Went with a running buddy and even though she's a much better runner than me, even she was feeling it a bit with all the up-and-downing!  Is it wrong to feel just a teensy bit glad when someone who's run several marathons is finding the bit you just found hard work (but survived) hard too?

Am glad I haven't wimped out of going for a run with someone else.  I still feel that 'I don't know if I can keep up' feeling, but we've run together for the past few weeks and I've managed.. so... maybe, just maybe I *can* do this after all?

I know... I know... I've run every day for the past 97 days so I should know that I can run... but... 40 years of believing you can't run at all takes some wearing off!

Right.  Tea.  Happy dancing.

AND IT'S THE WEEKEND!!!  WOOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!   :o)

Geeky running stats

Distance:4.09 mi
Avg Pace:8:44 min/mi

Moving Time:35:46
Elapsed Time:42:04
Avg Pace:8:44 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace:8:44 min/mi
Best Pace:5:43 min/mi

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