Sunday, 29 June 2014

Runstreak Day #211 - sociable Sunday miles

Yeah, I was sociable with my running again!  Went along to the Sweatshop Running Community Sunday morning long run - this morning's run was 7.5 miles - and survived.  Amazingly so considering I was SO tired after a very very busy couple of days.  For the first mile I couldn't stop myself yawning.  But then I settled into a fairly comfortable pace and ran with another guy for the next 6.5 miles.  It was nice to be able to chat and run.  I love the peace and space of running normally, but there is something quite nice about either a bit of conversation or companionable silence as you're pottering along.

However, it also crossed my mind that there are certain things that are especially annoying when you're running.  I feel a top 10 list coming on...

1.  Small yappy dogs who go for your ankles
2.  Geese... hissing, mean geese... who just go for whichever bit of you they fancy.  Because they're mean.  Really mean.
3.  Extendable leads with dogs attached... which stretch a-a-a-a-a-all the way across the path but which you don't see until almost too late.
4.  Traffic lights on red when you've got a good rhythm going.
5.  Traffic lights on green when you fancy stopping but without looking like you're stopping because you're knackered.
6.  Anyone who yells 'Run Forrest run!' at you. Not original.  Trust me.
7.  Groups of people taking up the whole of the pavement.
8.  Cyclists swerving about on the pavement.  Stay left.  Stay right.  Choose.  Just choose!!
9.  Dog poop in the dark
10. Cars parked on pavements, forcing you into the road.

Extendable leads are my least favourite thing though!!

Ranty lists aside, today's run was good.   Wore my new trainers for the first time and that was groovy - though I distinctly remember telling my husband that my trainers I bought at the end of February would last for ages and ages... and it's not even been 4 months and I've done 500 miles and they're too worn for comfort!  Anyhoo... the new ones were comfy and I think that I can keep the pace I was running at going for a good long while... which means I also feel much more confident about getting under 2 hours for my next half marathon (never thought I'd be able to say 'my next half marathon'!!!  Even doing one was beyond my imagination less than a year ago!).  Plus, I was brave and ran with others again... and that's feeling more survivable too.

Day 211 all done and in the bag.  Wonder what next week's runs will bring?!

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:7.44 mi
Moving Time:1:05:33
Elapsed Time:1:08:45
Avg Pace:8:49 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace:8:48 min/mi
Best Pace:6:54 min/mi

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