Monday, 2 June 2014

Runstreak Day #184 - the devil's in the lack of detail...

Things I've learned about my running today...

I.  Am.  A.  Geek.

That's right peoples.  My name is Sarah and I LOVE the nerdy data bit of running.  I love the split times.  I love pace charts.  I love knowing gradients and elevations.  I love seeing my route all mapped out prettily.  I like to see the hills wibbling and wobbling across the recording of my runs.  I love to know the exact distance... not the 'approximate' distance... the EXACT distance.  Exactly exact.  You know... to the '4.99 won't do because it's not 5 miles' level of exact.

So when my Garmin decides not to record my run.  Not even to pretend to find a signal... what's a girl to do?  Well... I was fair on it.  I gave it a few goes.  I drove to my usual 'fancy a flat run but not sure how long I want to run for' route... and no signal.  I wait for 5 minutes.  Nothing.  Hmmm... maybe it's just the area?!  I drive to my next 'flat route, bit too short for what I want to run, but it'll do' route.  And wait for a signal.  Nothing.  Not even a tiny flicker of hope that it's going to find anything.  I decide to drive home - because obviously a run isn't a run if you haven't recorded it... right?  My run-geek self will not allow there to be no record of my run.

I get home.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  No GPS.  I get my rubbishy old iPhone and decide to use that.  I can't be bothered to wear the armband because it a) falls off and b) I hate it.  So I have to run, holding my phone in one hand, changing hands periodically while I sweat myself into grumpy oblivion.  And the run is recorded.

Or rather... the random approximation of what my phone has decided to record gets logged.  And my inner geek is angry and creating a whole new first-world problem to get wound up about.

Anyway... I did it.  I ran.  I recorded 'something'.  And when I updated my Garmin and it eventually found a bloomin' signal... I almost had to physically restrain myself from going out for another run.  An accurate run!  So, if ever you see a crazy woman, running around Nottingham wearing only her pyjamas, grinning like a loonie... it'll be me.  Finally having found a GPS signal!  :o)

Day 184 - you count... but only just... and I'm never going to drool lovingly over your inaccurate nonsense data.

So there.

Geeky stats stuff - complete and utter rubbish because my Garmin wouldn't pick up a signal and I had to rely on my really REALLY crappy phone app!

Distance:3.20 mi
Avg Pace:8:42 min/mi

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