Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Runstreak Day #206 - How to run off a bad mood

Although it sometimes feels like people have stopped asking how I am, and instead taken to asking after my knees (they're fine, if you're interested - they've never been anything but fine, but I appreciate your perpetual concern for them) once they know that I run every day... what they don't realise is how important running is to how I feel.

Let's take today, for example.  I ran just over 3 miles (yes, just over - it was 2.99 when I got home so I ran to the bottom of my road and back - obviously)... and they were three angry miles.  Well, to be honest, the first half mile was angry.  The rest was slightly weird.  It seems that the stages of running off a bad mood go as follows:

1.  Pure anger.  Running is accompanied by muttering 'how dare they?!?!?', 'what do *they* know?!?!!' as you hurtle yourself along at a hefty pace
2.  Denial.  Okay, so maybe you either aren't quite so angry any more, or perhaps you went off a bit fast but it's all you can do to keep yourself going without keeling over.  Deny that you're exhausted, carry on pounding.
3.  Illogical ranting.  They're wrong, running is great, they don't know how great running is, that makes them even more wrong and you are therefore even more right.  Because running is great.  And you are therefore great.  Which makes them not great.  And so on and so forth.
4.  Mild confusion.  By this point, you've got yourself a bit of a sweat on.  You've huffed, puffed and thrown yourself up and down hills... and are starting to struggle to remember what it was you were so angry about.  Your pace will naturally slow at this point.
5.  Hopelessness.  Maybe it was all pointless anyway?  Maybe life is a bit pointless?  Maybe nothing really matters at all... you can't even seem to run very well anyway... and... well...
6.  Neutralising acceptance.  Okay, stuff does matter.  But it doesn't matter that much.  Ooooh!  Look at the numbers on that Garmin!  Running with a strop on seems to be getting you motoring!!  Maybe you should give it one last push up that hill and see what happens.
7.  Triumph!  Run done!  WOOOO HOOO!  You vaguely recall that you weren't in the greatest of moods when you left the house, but you're red faced, sweaty and that wasn't a bad run after all.  Mentally award self high fives.

And... life is good.  :o)

Sub-8 minute miles all the way.  Even up the silly long hill to finish.

Don't get mad.  Get running!!

And get tea.  Always get tea.

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:3.02 mi
Moving Time:23:54
Elapsed Time:25:57
Avg Pace:7:54 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace:7:54 min/mi
Best Pace:6:52 min/mi

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