Friday, 27 June 2014

Runstreak Day #209 - or should that be 'rainstreak'?!

So... today I have mostly been soaked through to the skin.  Why? Because the only time I had for a run was on my way back from work at lunchtime.  At the exact moments someone turned the sky hose on.  At full blast.  At one point I even thought it was starting to hail it was so wet.

In fact, let's just review the types of rain I've run in:

1. Spitty fine rain - a little bit off tutting when considering going for a run, but otherwise okay.  Annoyance factor: 2/10
2. Rain shower - getting soaked and then everyone else reappears when it's stopped raining and you look like a drowned muppet.  Annoyance factor: 4/10
3. Proper rain - the endless, not going to stop sort.  Where there are puddles to jump over, everyone looks at you like you're crazy, but it's not that hard, just persistent.  Annoyance factor: 5/10
4. Heavy rain - a pain in the bum for the first ten minutes until you've worked out a way to cope with water streaming down your face and into your eyes.  But realise that when your nose runs, you can't wipe it properly. Annoyance factor: 6/10
5.  Heavy rain with thunder - ridiculously exciting.  All other things can be forgiven.  You look hardcore. You're getting a buzz from something (could be lightning) and it all feels a bit naughty and mad.  Annoyance factor: 1/10
6.  Horizontal rain with headwinds and hail - give up now.  Give up, weep, shiver, despair.  There is no hope.  The apocalypse has arrived. This is the end of everything.  Annoyance factor: 9/10
7. Monsoon - warm, torrential rain.  There is no sweat, only wet.  Lots and lots of it.  No one else goes out in this.  Except runners.  Because otherwise they wouldn't be running and the thought of not running is crazier than actually running.  Woooooooo hoooooo! Annoyance factor: 6/10

No 10/10 for annoyance though.  I'd still run in all of those conditions... as would the three other runners I saw in the park at lunchtime, all of whom who gave me the 'I know this is mad but what the f*ck' face and grinned happily in my soggy direction.  Water streaming down their faces in return.


Tea? And happy dancing? Yes please! 󾆶

Day 209, you have been run.

No idea how I'm going to squeeze a run in tomorrow... This may be the last day of my running streak! I may have to do a mile just before midnight to fit it in. *gulp*

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:2.75 mi
Moving Time:22:24
Elapsed Time:22:42
Avg Pace:8:08 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace:8:08 min/mi
Best Pace:7:04 min/mi

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