Sunday, 22 June 2014

Runstreak Day #204 - group running... again...

I think I'm gradually getting braver with my running!  It's been 18 months since I started the whole running business with Couch to 5k... running on my own for the whole of the 12 months that followed and only braving running with anyone else at the start of this year.  And when I say 'ran on my own', for a large part of that time, I would only go for runs where I knew that hardly anyone else went so that I wouldn't be seen.

Actually, I wouldn't have wanted to be seen - my first attempt at running as part of the C25K plan was when I suddenly decided that I would give it a go when I was out walking on my own.  Picture the scene... at this point, I am 6 stones heavier than I am now.  I am 38.  I have never run at any point in my adult life.  I'm wearing size 18 clothes.  Am officially obese.  And I'm out walking, tracking my walk using RunKeeper.  And I'm wearing wellies.  And I decide to start run-walking.  Yup, that's right.  Fat woman does 'running' by gallolloppping in her welly boots.  In January.  With ear muffs on.  And nearly has heart failure with the effort after 45 seconds.  Yeah, I wouldn't have wanted to be seen!!

*blushes at memory*

I persevered at my running.  Finishing C25K.  Braving running on the streets after about 6 months.  And then... after a year, I went for a run with a couple of friends.  It was a BIG deal for me and I was petrified.  I could only see myself as the fat woman in wellies - even if other people weren't seeing that version of me, that's how I felt.  A running fraud.

Anyway, I have run with others more and more this year.  I've done races.  I've met up with others.  I've made friends through my running.  I regularly do parkruns on a Saturday.  The fear of being 'found out' as not being able to run has gradually diminished.  And today, I went along to a Sunday morning Sweatshop Running Community run - knowing no-one who was there.  Sat in the car for a moment or two trying to think brave thoughts.  And went for it.

Guess what?  I enjoyed myself!  Ran 7.5 miles in the sunshine.  My Garmin didn't pick up a signal for about a quarter of a mile, but that didn't faze me.  Sweated my little face off.  Found the pace nice and gentle.  Chatted as I ran.  And was a happy bunny.  And I'm going to go again next week.  Oh yes I am!  :o)

I think I've finally outrun the fat woman in wellies!  But I love her for having been brave enough to start running in the first place.

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:7.23 mi
Moving Time:1:07:56
Elapsed Time:1:13:08
Avg Pace:9:24 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace:9:24 min/mi
Best Pace:4:59 min/mi

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