Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Runstreak Day #193 - 193 would be a stupid number to finish my runstreak on... right?

Day One Nine Three
Rhymes with pee
Cuz let me tell you this
Running can be a-maze-balls
Or just like drinking pi...

...tiful amounts of tea and not feeling very happy about that at all, no siree.

What the heck was the matter with me today? My preparation for going for a run went like this:

1. Go to loo
2. Put on running shorts
3. Sit down and arse about on Facebook a bit
4. Mooch off and find sports bra
5. Sit down and arse about on Facebook a bit more
6. Put on sports bra
7. Swear at the clasp
8. Succeed in doing up bra.
9. Facebook break earned.
10. Put on running top
11. Toilet. Again.
12. Facebook
13. Socks on
14. Socks off. Vaseline on sore bit on foot.
15. Socks back on.
16. Facebook
17. Amble into bathroom. Clean teeth.
18. Eat a handful of granola.
19. Clean teeth again.
20. Facebook. Girl deserves a rest.
21. Trainers on.
22. Wee break.
23. Sit down. Glare at husband who's just made a cuppa. For himself.
24. Facebook.
25. Debate finishing runstreak.
26. Decide 193 would be a stupid number to finish on.
27. Arse about on Facebook a bit more.
28. Satisfyingly high score on Bejeweled achieved.
29. Turn on Garmin. No signal = no run.
30. Signal. Damn.
31. And... run.

... and that is how you prepare for a run. When you REALLY don't fancy it.

The run itself was... how shall I put this? A bag of old cack.

Went a really random route. Couldn't decide if I wanted to tackle hills or not, and then ended up running up and down and up and down just through sheer dithering and not planning carefully enough to avoid the hills!

Towards the end I was busily sweating and planning which of the steep side roads to go up (a) very steep, b) not quite so steep c) steepish) when a guy yelled 'GO! GO! GO!!!' at me with massive enthusiasm. I managed a fake smile and pretended to be a gazelle for my appreciative audience, opted for the least worst option of the hills to get back home again... and whipped around the corner as quick as I could... and then stopped to catch my breath. Out of sight. Obviously.

Day 193. Let us never speak of each other again.

Oooh! My tea has reached optimal drinking temperature. Happy days!

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