Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Runstreak Day #200 - 200?! Get in!!

Day 200 - YEAH BABY!!!!

Doesn't December 1st seem a-a-a-a-a-ages ago?  That was when the crazy started.  There was that whole Advent Streak 'run every day up to Christmas' thing... that didn't sound so mad.  And then, there was the whole 'why not carry on until New Year' thing.  And then, 'let's see if we can get to 50 days...'... which crept on to 100.  And 100 turned into 150... and that's now ambled into 200.

200 days of running every day.  Flippin' heck!  I've run through Winter.  Run through Spring.  Have happily run into Summer.  I've gone from never having run with anyone else to spending my 200th run, running with the running buddies I've picked up along the way (thank you all for this evening - it was ace!).  I'd never run more than 4.5 miles.  And some how I've now done a half marathon.  Me.  Mrs 'hadn't run a single step 18 months ago'... that person.

I've run in all sorts of crazy weather - storms, hail, gales, sleet, stupid humidity, fog, rain which has soaked me to the skin in an instant.  I've run when I've been away from home.  When I've been on leave.  When I've had half a teaspoon of time after a stupidly long day.

I've had embarrassing encounters with misbehaving bodily fluids (light grey shorts and weak pelvic floor = bad combo).  I've had the brown turtle of doom threaten to show his head as I've been running when an ominous stomach rumble wanted to do more than just rumble.  I've had flies attempt to kill themselves on just about every part of my body.  I've sweated my face off in public, day or night... red dripping face grinning like a fool at people I go past, bellowing out 'HELLO!!!' in the hopes that they won't think I'm about to keel over.  It's just all glamour where I'm concerned.

Above all though, I've realised that I love running.  I don't just go for a run.  I can't imagine my life *without* going for a run.  Some days I may have to kick myself out of the door and give myself a stern talking to about it all, but I've never regretted a single run.  Not one.

Thank you for your support throughout you lovely lot!  200 days of running.  Almost 700 miles run.  More hills than I care to think about.  Let's not even think about the number of flies I've swallowed.

200 days.  Get in!!

Oh - and the picture?  This is me doing aeroplane arms down a big hill at Wollaton Park in Nottingham this evening.  NEEEEEE-YOWMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

Tea anyone?

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:4.55 mi
Moving Time:44:39
Elapsed Time:50:08
Avg Pace:9:49 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace:9:49 min/mi
Best Pace:5:36 min/mi

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