Friday, 1 August 2014

Runstreak Day #241 - just enough to clear the head

A few months ago I would never have considered stopping while I was out running. It was all about running non-stop. And running faster. And managing longer distances. 

Now, I know I'd like to run for longer distances, but most days I don't care. Most days I don't care too much about pace either. And some days, like today, I'll stop and look at the view because I jolly well fee like it.

And I'll spend a bit of time looking across the fields with the morning sunshine skimming the crops, look down the road towards the dappled shadows which mark the junction in the road... and just be glad I got out there and ran.  Without going and looking at my watch, I couldn't tell you how long my run was.  Couldn't tell you how fast.  And I couldn't say how far it was (other than more than my two mile minimum!).  But I could tell you how happy I felt as I ran.  How satisfying it was to run the whole way up the hill. And how much I grinned when I saw the same horse and rider which caused me all sorts of tortuous runner (il)logic the day before!

And those are my favourite kind of runs.  Where I feel alive and free and that's all that matters.

Hello Day 241... you were a little bit of a mystery in many ways, but I'm glad we spent part of our day together.  :o)

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