Sunday, 17 August 2014

Runstreak Day #260 - I hate headwinds!!!

Had a really good run in loads of ways today. It was a Sweatshop Running Community long Sunday run which is normally just dandy.  I've now managed to get myself past the point where I'm excruciatingly nervous about it and instead am okay with just showing up and giving it a go.  Which is kinda miraculous considering how nervous I was of group runs at first.

Anyway, it was good. Met another Notts Women Runners / RMR runner and ran with her (and her gorgeous dog!) the whole way... we managed a decent pace and still chatted almost the whole way. In fact, the first three miles just whizzed by.  Chat, chat, run, chat.  Mile four disappeared nicely.  More chatting.  A stop for me to sort my shoe laces. One for a dog poop incident.  And it was all fine.  Until we rounded the bend at the top of Holme Pierrepont's rowing lake. 

And then the headwind hit.  At first, a refreshing novelty.  Then, a nuisance.  And still the wind seemed to pick up until it felt like we were barely moving.  I managed to stop to yell 'for goodness sake, give us a break!' At the wind (because that always works!)... and we carried on running into an endless wind tunnel of ick.  Like wading through invisible treacle! It was too windy even to have a conversation the bloody wind was so damn strong!  After a couple of miles of relentless buffeting, we escaped the wind and the blissful silence of not having our faces blown off was lovely.  Until we rounded a bend and got smacked in the face by icy gusts.  Again!!

Fortunately, the last couple of miles weren't so bad and altogether I managed just over 9... but blimey, running into a headwind for several miles is a form of pure evil.

On my list of weather I hate? Wind is taking its rightful place along with hail!  Urgh!!

Tea... earned!

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:9.19 mi
Avg Pace:8:36 min/mi
Elevation Gain:66 ft

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