Saturday, 23 August 2014

Runstreak Day #266 - braving out a crap run

Bloody hell tonight's run was a bag of cack!!

Some days you just know it's going to be like that.  I was thinking about doing a parkrun this morning... and then didn't because I just couldn't get my act together.  Then I spent the afternoon avoiding going running.  And when the evening came, there was no more avoiding to be done.

I asked my husband if he'd come with me on his bike.  No joy.  I asked my son.  Nada.  I asked my daughter.  Nothing.  I put my best sad face on and mooched about doing my trainers up and going to the loo approximately 3,000,000 times.  'Are you sure you don't want to come with me?' I ask everyone and no-one in particular.  It's just me.

I ambled out of the house, into the car and headed to the park for a nice easy run.  Only when I got to the park, it turned out that I couldn't seem to get myself out of the car.  I sat and listened to the radio instead.  Eventually, I prised myself out of the car.  And ran.  Slowly.

The first mile went by.  I was freezing.  I cursed myself for stubbornly wearing shorts and a t-shirt until the end of August.  I plodded on.  My watch bleeped that the first mile had gone.  I decided to get myself in a better mood by looking at the view.  The clouds were going all sorts of crazy colours... but all my head would do was go 'it's going to rain... you know that sulphurous yellow sky means rain... you're going to get wet... and colder... and your feet will squelch...'

So I stopped looking at the view.  And after about 70 miles*, my Garmin bleeped for 2 miles.  I stopped and shouted at myself a bit.  'For f*ck's sake, get it together... what *is* the matter with you?!?!?!?'.  Because that always helps.  I reached an agreement.  I would run to the car and stop being a big baby.

I almost stopped again... only I couldn't stop where the fishers on the bank would see me stopping.  And then I ran past some guy who'd heckled me earlier as I looped around the lake... and couldn't stop or slow down and lose face with him either.

And finally, I got back to the car.  And promptly steamed up the car with my sweaty revoltingness.

Cold.  Reluctant.  Grumpy.  Sweary.  Knackered.

In your face, Day 266.  Game, set and match... me!

* grumpy 'I don't want to run' miles are always a lot further than real miles

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:2.75 mi
Avg Pace:8:19 min/mi
Elevation Gain:14 ft

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