Sunday, 10 August 2014

Runstreak Day #253 - another proper soaking!

Just when you think you can't get any wetter.  The weather decides to prove that it's possible.  Your feet are soaked, you've run through puddles sufficient that you can feel the water sloshing in the toes of your trainers... and you jokingly say 'this is a wet as it's going to get'... then promptly have to run through an ankle deep puddle and experience the delight of water entering your shoe via the tops of your socks.


There are advantages to running in the rain though.  I thought of these as I ran this morning when I was running with the Sweatshop Running Community group and chatting to a friend (I am nothing if not a multi-tasker!)...

1.  Sweat doesn't run into your eyes
2.  If you peed yourself, no-one could tell (no, I didn't if you're wondering!)
3.  Every other runner who's out gives you a 'yes, this is crazy' smile
4.  You know that if you can run in those conditions, you can cope with just about anything
5.  If you smile and bellow hello at everyone you pass, you'll generally get a positive, happy response as a) they're mad enough to be outdoors in the wet and b) they think it's funny!
6.  Once you've got over the whole 'being soaked' thing, running through puddles is kinda fun
7.  You don't overheat
8.  It feels slightly naughty

Disadvantages?  Well, I discovered one this morning that I've not had before.  Chaffing!  Not leg rubbing against leg... but soaked shorts rubbing my leg into red sadness.  Yowch!  Hooray for Sudacrem, I say!

Didn't do the 10 miles I was going to do today.  7.5 was enough.  My trainers had only just dried from Friday's soaking and even I have my limits!  At least I've proved to myself that I wouldn't bottle out of going for a run when it's pouring with rain.  And when we got back to the Sweatshop store where we run from, everyone was in surprisingly good moods - far more smiles and laughing than normal.  It takes a certain kind of crazy to do a long run on a Sunday morning in torrential rain with added thunder!  Hooray for crazy runners!!

And hooray for tea.  It took me two big cups of tea to be able to feel my fingers again!

Day 253.  You have been run.  Yay!!   :o)

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:7.49 mi
Avg Pace:9:50 min/mi
Elevation Gain:48 ft

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