Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Runstreak Day #256 - hill love

Dear Hills

I thought it was time that I wrote to you.  You see, I think that you and I got off on the wrong foot.  I'll admit it.  You scared me.  You were just so big.  And, well, dominating.  You made me go weak at the knees, and, I'm afraid to say, not in a good way.  For a long while I did all I could do to avoid you.  When I saw you coming, I'd run the other way.  It was all I could do to even think about heading in your direction, you were, well, so, terrifying.  And yet so ever present.  You just never went away.  You knew it was meant to be, even if I didn't.

Now, I know this poor start wasn't your fault.  It was me, not you.  You were just doing your thing.  I was the one who had the issue.  If ever I said that I hated hills, I apologise.  I was wrong.  I don't hate you.  Little by little we've made friends.  First, there was the gentle slope from the bottom of the hill to my house.  I'd steal myself to run part of the way, taking a big deep breath to do so... then I'd walk a bit, then run the last bit.  Just the bit in front of the houses where people would see me.  Neither you nor I would want the curtain twitchers to gossip about issues in our relationship, would we?

Where was I?  Oh, that's right.  The day I faced you.  That was a big day, wasn't it?  I thought my lungs would explode... you made my heart race.  When I got to the top, my knees were still weak but you did something to me, hills.  You made me feel alive.  Special.  Like I could do more than I thought I could do.  You took my breath away.  And yes, I gasped.

Dearest hills... from that sad start, we've developed a beautiful relationship.  And tonight when I ran up one of you.  Volunteering to do the steeper hillier route, and feeling that excitement of challenge quicken my step.  I knew that we were right for each other.  When I got to the top, I could have hugged you... and running down the other side, I wasn't running away from you this time... I was boinging with happiness.

You've made my legs strong.  You've made my head strong.  You're a beautiful sleeping giant.

I think I may be in love.

Or clinically insane.  I haven't decided which.


Sarah (on Day 256 of running craziness) xxx

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:4.05 mi
Avg Pace:8:29 min/mi
Elevation Gain:257 ft

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