Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Runstreak Day #255 - misleading routes and new friends

Let me see... what day is it?  255 I think!


I'm at that stage with my runstreak (and my age!) where I have to think and do a bit of working out to remember what number should be attached to it.  Today's run was a goodie though.  I met up with another couple of runners for a run (we have our own Notts Women Runners FB group and it's been brilliant for making running friends!) and because someone wanted to do 5 miles, I dutifully planned a 5 mile run.  I remember describing it as being 'flat and a bit hilly in parts'.

I think that was a bit of a lie.  It's more like 'hilly with a bit of flat very occasionally'. In fact, looking at the route on Strava, it's just a complete fib.    I can't actually see a single bit that was actually flat.  Seems like my recollection of that area has flattened most of it out!  Whoops!

So, having unintentionally misled my new running buddies, I was relieved that neither of them wanted to hunt me down and hit me with my trainers.  Not that they'd have had the energy left after all those hills, mind you.  There's method in my madness!  Plus, it was really nice to have their company.  And that's from me, the person who back in January this year had never run with anyone else and was an 'I like my own company' runner.  Well, 'I like my own company' probably just meant I don't know anyone to run with and I don't have the confidence to try it anyway!  It's funny how we tell ourselves what feels like a convincing reason when actually it's an excuse for not giving something a bash.

Anyhoo... 5 miles of hilly deliciousness.  The sun came out to play.  It was windy but not ridiculously so.  And I made a couple of new running buddies.

Today's run was made of pure win.

(and a minor pelvic floor incident (PFI) which we will never speak of again)  ;)

*happy dances to blot out the memory of the PFI*

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:5.01 mi
Avg Pace:9:17 min/mi
Elevation Gain:274 ft

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