Thursday, 31 July 2014

Runstreak Day #243 - last Scottish run... and knee feeling better!

You can't beat a run where you see more horses than cars, can you?  Even if the weather is spitting fine rain at you, it's not enough to stop the feeling of lucky as you pootle along the lanes.

In fact, as I set out, I had no twinges from my knee and at 6am this morning I felt flipping fabulous! It feels almost like a miracle not to have that pain at all after a couple of weeks of misery. And I know I've gone on about it a fair bit but I'd almost become used to hop-running for the first mile or so and today really is the first time it's felt fine from the outset. Hooray!

So... Day 243... a nice gentle run along by the river and up to the nearby hamlet. I sat for a while on the steps at the top, partly getting my breath back after running up the hill, but also to look at the hills and savour the moment a bit. Just me, the birds, the sheep and the quiet. This is why I run every day. This feeling. That I got somewhere under my own steam. That I got to experience a calm and peace just for me. And that I get to stash away that cool quiet memory.

I ran back to the campsite where we've been staying and said hello to the horse and rider I've seen regularly when I've been running. She probably thinks I'm crackers for running every day. But she rides every day, so we share a little outdoors crazy, I guess!

My daughter asked me later on what was the shortest distance I'd ever run. I said it was the very first day I attempted running. 45 seconds of gasping struggle. I never realised where those first painful steps could take me.  Or how much joy they might eventually bring.  Yup, definitely feeling the running love at the mo!

No knee pain.  No traffic.  No stress.  No worries.

No question that I'll run again tomorrow!

Or that I'll have a cuppa when I finish my run!

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