Monday, 21 July 2014

Runstreak Day #233 - wanting to run vs needing to run

Day 233 - I needed today’s run.  I didn’t just want to run… I really REALLY needed it.  There’s nothing like a day full of minor irritations to make you crave space and shut down the noise of nonsense, is there?  And even with my knee still feeling dicky, I really wanted to get out.  

So, today’s run was a ‘no pressure, completely relaxed pace’ run.  I was extra careful about how I was running.  Making sure I wasn’t clomping (technical term!) and trying to stay as light on my feet as I could to not put any strain on my knee.  It twinges a bit but having chosen a flat trail to run, I was at least trying to minimise it get whacked or bashed too much.  Hard pavements and downhill zooming are out at the moment!

And guess what?  I enjoyed it.  Properly enjoyed it.  Stopped once to stretch a little bit, but otherwise kept to a really steady pace.  And let all the stress of the day pound its way out and get left in the ground behind me.  By the time I came home, the grumpy mood I’d found myself in had lifted and things were back in proportion again.  There really is something about going for a run with nothing other than the rhythm of your footsteps and the sound of your breathing to keep you company.  No, I can’t go for sparkly morning runs at the moment (as they’re always hilly and I can’t do hills until my knee’s feeling better)… but I did get the golden evening all to myself.  And that wasn’t bad either!

Knee now resting.  Head feeling much better.

Oh, and my smiley chops were in the local rag today from Saturday’s Women’s Running 10k!  Fame at last!  Well… my kids were impressed at least.  :o)

Geeky Stats stuff

Distance:2.79 mi
Avg Pace:8:48 min/mi
Elevation Gain:13 ft

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