Monday, 14 July 2014

Runstreak Day #226 - how to force yourself to go for a run

Day 226... and... *sniffle*... today I ran on my... *weeps ever-so-dramatically* on my ownsome... *cries softly*

I can't believe I've gone from being Mrs 'always runs on her own' to Mrs 'I quite fancy some company actually'.  And I did fancy the company today because I broke myself ever so slightly over the weekend...

*pauses to reminisce happily for a moment*

... where was I?!  Oh, yeah... going for a run on my own.  So I hit upon the idea of running with other people by wearing my Run Mummy Run top... which meant I wasn't on my own and my misery about having to go on my own was no longer valid.  My logic is a fabulous thing, I think you'll agree.  Anyway, it was enough to con my brain into hauling me out of the door and off to the park for an easy plod around the pathways and through the woods.  Ta daaaa!  Run... run.  :D

I should write a list of 'ways to force yourself out of the house for a run when you don't really fancy it'.  Okay... let's do that...

1.  Don't plan a route, just go find somewhere to explore instead.  And make a point of being VERY nosey as you run!
2.  Imagine someone is literally shoving you out of the door.  Get outside as quickly as possible and shut the door behind you.  By the time you're stood there looking bewildered, you might as well just go for a run because the neighbours will be watching.
3.  Run a bath that's too hot.  You might as well go for a run while it's cooling down and enjoy it when you get back!
4.  Tell someone else that you're going for a run.  Telling people on here is particularly good because you've committed to it in public and you know you'll not be welcome back before your face has turned an appropriate shade of beetroot!  :D
5.  Run a mile in any direction.  Because by the time you've run that mile a) you've run a mile - yay! and b) you have a mile to run home again... and that counts as a proper run.  Ta daaaaa!
6.  Do a 'smile and wave' run.  Make a promise to smile and / or wave at everyone you pass.  You will feel slightly crackers.  They will think you're slightly crackers.  But in the end you feel ridiculously positive and some of the reactions you get are funny enough to have made the whole stupid thing worthwhile.
7.  Go very first thing in the morning.  You'll be barely conscious and will have run before your brain has woken up.  By the time it *has* woken up, it is full on gloaty smug 'I just did a run and it's crazy early' mode.  Which is massively satisfying!
8.  Find a hill to run down... do aeroplane arms... run so fast that your eyes water... make it fun.
9.  Run with someone else and make sure you run at a 'conversational pace'.  Some how chatting as you run makes the actual running bit disappear!  Doesn't matter if that's running with another runner... or running with your kids coming with you on their bikes.  Company is a great anaesthetic for those painful runs!
10. Just do it.  Don't think about it.  Go into autopilot mode.  Kit on.  Shoes on.  Out door.  Done.  The very worst bit is actually getting out there.  The rest of it will happen.  You can run slower, you can run shorter, you can run flatter, you can run a hill so steep you can think of nothing else but getting up it.  But you're out there running.  Result!

Sooooo... today's run was probably a 10.  With a smidge of 4 as I know I'll get yelled at by you guys if I cop out of running for no better reason that I'm feeling a bit tired!  :o)

And now... the post run cuppa commences...  *slurps*

Geek stats stuff

Distance:2.69 mi
Avg Pace:8:29 min/mi
Elevation Gain:38 ft

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