Friday, 25 July 2014

Runstreak Day #237 - another kneesaving flat slow run

Day 'whatever it is' of the 'running sensible slow flat routes' thing in a bid to get my knee feeling better.  And 237 days of running every day in normal counting mode!

Boy oh boy was it warm out tonight.  Even running near the river didn't produce any kind of cooling breeze and by the time I finished my run, I was leaving a little drippy trail behind me.  Still managing to bellow 'hello!!' or 'evening!!' at the walkers I ran past... but when I got back to the car and looked in the mirror at my beetroot face, I realised that I must have been yelling my greetings like a mad thing... whilst wearing what appeared to be a necklace of sweaty dead flies.  Mmmm mmmmm!  It's the height of fashion on a Friday night, don'cha know!

Actually, running this evening, knee pain aside, was a happy way to round off a good day.  I'm on leave as of today and not back at work until the 4th of August - wooo hooo!  Plus, I found out I got a new job today - which is an even bigger WOOOO HOOOOO!!  And now all that's left is to pack for going on holiday to Scotland tomorrow.  So, the holiday checklist so far...

1.  Pack trainers
2.  Get sports bras sorted
3.  Find enough running tops
4.  Ditto running shorts
5.  Make sure there are plenty of running socks
6.  Charge Garmin
7.  Consider taking a spare pair of trainers
8.  Wash running kit from this evening and hang out on the line overnight so it can be packed in the morning
9.  Have a little look to see what running routes I might try.
10. Vaguely recall that other 'normal' stuff should be packed...

I'm not addicted to running.  I could stop anytime I wanted...

*whispers to Garmin 'that's a lie, I love you, we will never be parted'*  ^_^

Did I hear someone say they were putting the kettle on?  Super dooper!

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:3.48 mi
Avg Pace:8:38 min/mi
Elevation Gain:12 ft

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