Thursday, 10 July 2014

Runstreak Day #222 - a day of running happiness

Day 222 - and I had a brilliant running day today.  Not that I was running all day - far from it.  I spent 3 hours of my day driving to London to go speak at an event... and then over 3 hours back home again.  Bleh!

But... at the event, they'd ordered me a vegan meal (because I'm vegan, not just because they randomly do that sorta thing!) and a conversation about plant-based diets and running ensued with two other women runners!  Which was great!  They sure had put in some miles between them - having done marathons and an ultra... and even though the distances they could run were far greater than I can manage, running is amazing for that instant connection you can forge.  Because *they* get what you know about running!  So that was fab.

On the way home, I detoured via the sports shop (obviously!) to pick up some new running socks because I've managed to get myself a stupidly painful blood blister on my big toe.  Then saw that the Nike Tempo shorts I love were in stock, in my size and in a colour I fancied.  So they fell into my shopping as well.

When I got home, my race number had arrived for the Nottingham Women's Running 10k a week on Saturday and rather than wetting myself with fear, I actually felt excited!  Which was another big yay!

And finally... on my day of running happiness... I went for a run in the new nearby country park with my littlest coming with me on his bike.  When I say 'new' I actually mean 'it hasn't opened yet' - and the only reason I know you can go there is because I've seen another Notts runner (who's done over 900 days on his runstreak - amazeballs!) on Strava going there.  I've never met him, just seen his daily runs appear on Strava - he comments on mine, I comment on his.  Anyway, I thought 'why not go for an explore?'... so I did.  And about a mile and a half into my run, there were two other runners coming down the hill towards me and my littlest.  And one of them pauses and goes 'are you Sarah?' - and it turns out he's the guy I've been following on Strava and coincidentally had decided to also go for a run at the 'not quite open yet' country park!  So we all three ran together... littlest raced them on his bike and we all had a blast.  What a weird but fantastic meeting!

And that... lovely people... was my happy day of running.  Which only involved a bit of running... but had lots of delicious runningy bits woven throughout.  Hooray!!

Too late for tea?  Nah. *raises pinkie*

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:3.25 mi
Avg Pace:7:56 min/mi
Elevation Gain:213 ft

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