Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Runstreak Day #240 - infernal running logic

So... You know you're losing the plot slightly when you actually consider re-running a section of your run because you paused your Garmin and forgot to start it again, right?

Well, I am definitely losing the plot.

There I was, happily tootling down a rather pretty lane in the quiet of the morning when I see a horse up ahead.  The horse and rider are both still in the road and it's obviously a moment of uncertainty.  The horse doesn't like me running towards it, so I slow down to let it go past.  It's kinda skittish, but eventually we pass one another and I carry on running. Down the slight hill and around the corner, then up the next lane... high hedgerows either side with glimpses of golden wheat swishing in the breeze. It's lovely.  The road wafts gradually upwards. My knee isn't too painful and it's lovely.  I think to myself 'I'm sure this was about a mile yesterday and glance down at my Garmin.  It says 0.25 miles. Damn it! I haven't restarted it since the horse encounter.

I restart it and run some more, finish climbing the hill and head down towards the main road.  My brain is doing the calculations.  If yesterday's run was just shy of three miles and this has missed out three quarters of a mile, I won't have done my two mile minimum.  Well, I will... but the evidence won't be there.  Which means I didn't do it (runner's logic is a-maz-ing!).  Which means I must extend my route because then it will be over the minimum and will count.  Right.  That makes sense.  I run back up the hill and wobble and wobble the rise and fall of the downward section and instead of returning to the campsite run towards the nearest hamlet three quarters of a mile away.  Say hello to the sheep.  Wave at the horses (obviously) and congratulate myself on defeating the mistaken missing distance.

I loop back, having now done nearly three miles.  Past the winding river, past the sheep, past the horses, back up the hill.  

Oh look! There's the horse and rider again! This time I stop and chat.  And pause my Garmin.  Naturally.  We chat more.  The horse has no name but he's very handsome.  The rider asks about my run, it's nice. I boing my way back up the lane, doing my best 'I'm being watched I'd better make it look like I'm a competent runner' running.

I've done at least half a mile since I saw the horse and rider I think.  I glance down at my watch to check.

DAMN IT, I forgot to restart it.  Again!!!

And I wonder whether or not I should run back down the lane to fill in the missing bit of my run.  Again.

So... Day 240.  The day I had no idea how far I ran other than it was further than I recorded and more baffling illogical than could ever make sense.

And then I drank tea.  

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