Sunday, 6 July 2014

Runstreak Day #218 - sunny Sunday runday

Y'know, I had a bit of a realisation this morning.  Well, actually, I think it's been brewing a little while... I think it's more important to me to find ways to enjoy my running than get hung up over times.  I'm doing the Women's Running 10k in Nottingham in a couple of weeks' time, and the thought that I could, if I really really tried, get under 50 minutes has vaguely sloshed around in my head.  But... weirdly, I find that I'm not actually bothered to try.  My first 10k experience was a mess of panic and chaos.  My first half marathon was a delicious, happy experience.  And I'd rather have the latter every time.

Anyway, it came to me while I was on a long run with the Sweatshop Running Community this morning.  I'd run half my run with a friend, then she didn't feel well and ran slower with someone else and said for me to go on.  So I did.  And I ran at a nice comfortable pace... one that wouldn't have been anything special in terms of times... but which did leave me feeling fresh legged and happy at the end.  I was on my own for a fair bit of the time.  Caught up to a guy who'd not stopped to wait for the rest of the group at the halfway point and finished my run about 5 minutes ahead of him.  But while he was exhausted and unable to speak for a good few minutes after he'd stopped running, I realised that I preferred my version of feeling okay to that feeling you get when you've pushed yourself just a bit too far.

So... I'll never be Mrs Quick.  But I'll aim for Mrs Happy instead.  I'll run at a pace that doesn't exhaust me.  I'll say hello to the ducks as I run past them.  I'll smile at the cyclists.  And I'll enjoy the freedom of running.

And life will be the sweeter for it.

PS  Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to get faster times for my running - just means I'm not going to go killing myself to achieve them!

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:7.42 mi
Avg Pace:8:37 min/mi
Elevation Gain:46 ft

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