Friday, 11 July 2014

Runstreak Day #223 - laundry-motivated running!

... and... that's it! No more runs left to go until the RMR Retreat!!  A whole weekend of running and meeting other lovely runners awaits!
*almost explodes with excitement*
Plus, my smug pants are so high they're practically giving me a wedgie. Run done by 6am. Now showered and busy scoffing toast and supping a cuppa before heading off to work. And obviously washing all of my running kit ready for tomorrow!
Which, to be honest, was the main reason for going for a run at 5:30 this morning. Not because I'm dedicated. Not because I wanted to experience the gloom of a truly dreary Nottingham morning. But all because I wanted to make sure I had enough shorts, socks, sports bras and tops to take with me tomorrow. My brain was going 'run in the evening and they might not be dry for the morning... but you could tumble dry them... but you *shouldn't* tumble dry them... but how will they dry if they've only got overnight to do it in... they won't!!!... what can we do?!?!?!... could you run on the way home from work?!... still not enough time... hmmmm... I KNOW! Get up at stupid o'clock, do a very quick wash and they'll have all day to dry... and... RELAX' 
This morning's run was less run, more plod. Deliberately nice and steady as my run last night was very hilly and my hip's aching from 6+ hours of driving yesterday too. But, I did enjoy it. You feel like the streets belong to you in a morning. No traffic. No people. You could cartwheel down the middle of the road and no-one would notice!
Only I didn't cartwheel. I just ran. Then got home, did the laundry... and popped on my smug pants.
Day 223, all done. AND THE RETREAT TOMORROW!!!!
*jumps up and down happily* 

Geeky stats stuff
Distance:2.94 mi
Avg Pace:8:38 min/mi
Elevation Gain:103 ft

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