Sunday, 16 November 2014

Runstreak Day #338 - freezing and freedom

Day 338... done.  Phewie!

So, it is now officially cold enough to freeze my ladybits off out there and I think the days of wearing capris for evening runs are numbered!  Since it has also officially been quite a stressy day (have been queen of all things weepy and pathetic), I obviously treated myself to some new running kit.  A new top, some running gloves and my first pair of trail shoes.  New top is pretty and lilac - nice.  Running gloves are sensible - go me.  And the trail shoes... well... they ended up being bloke's shoes in a size that is embarrassingly massive!!

Hey ho!

New running stuff is good for the soul.  I could wish I were running better at the moment though.  I'm *still* ridiculously tired and it is taking all my energy to run at all.  However, it takes all my energy to do anything at the moment - I had an appalling night of nightmares again last night.  Again.  But, in contrast to the anxiety of walking outside on my own.  In contrast to the panic I feel near traffic where I feel like I physically have to force myself to keep on walking when the urge is to stop / escape.  In contrast to the feeling of being completely overwhelmed by so much stuff?  Well, running is freedom.  It's hard, but it gives me a freedom of movement which I don't otherwise get when I'm outside at other times.

5k of freedom?  Definitely worth it.  Plus, I have earned my cuppa cha.  Which is all good too!

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:3.24 mi
Avg Pace:8:44 min/mi

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