Sunday, 9 November 2014

Runstreak Day #333 - still exhausted

Right... that's 333 days run.  Yet another slow one.  Yet another run when I ended up stopping to catch my breath.  No idea what's the matter with me at the moment other than I am just exhausted as a side-effect of the post-traumatic stress disorder nonsense.  Night after night of terrible sleep really does take its toll, as do the spikes of panicky crap during the day.  It is exhausting just making it from one end of the day to the other.

At least tonight's run was a Sweatshop run, which meant I got to run with other people that I know.  I could chat to them before it started, ran with a few for a couple of miles.  Stopped to adjust my shoelace which was driving me potty and gratefully let the main group speed off.  Carried on running a bit more.  Eventually stopped again to put my gloves into my FlipBelt and got caught up by another couple of runners... and since they were properly taking it steady, ran with them for the rest of the way.

I'm glad that earlier this year I persisted with getting used to running with other people.  It is good to have got to know so many others through my running.  When you run, you can chat... or not.  If you chat, it doesn't have to be anything heavy.  If you don't, it's companionable silence.  And that's fine too.

I also met with a friend who I did the Leadership in Running Fitness course with, together with our England Athletics contact (who's super dooper nice) to discuss the beginners courses which we'll be running in January.  In a day which was pretty darned difficult for a whole load of stupid car accident-related reasons (don't get me started on insurance companies and lawyers!!!), running yet again proved how lovely people can be and how good it is just to get out there, even if you don't feel like you've got any energy left.  There's still a way to do something.

And there's always room for a cuppa.  :o)

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:4.30 mi
Avg Pace:8:52 min/mi

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