Sunday, 9 November 2014

Runstreak Day #330 - long run treacle day

I am in a bit of a bleh place with my running at the moment.  For the past week almost all of my runs have been just sheer bloomin' hard work.  I think because I'm feeling pretty low in myself it's starting to rub off on my running.  Normally, that wouldn't happen because I'd have the physical energy spare to get my act together and run without thinking about it too much.  Unfortunately, I'm not sleeping at all well at the moment and it means that day after day of that is giving the net result of my feeling exhausted.  And therefore running is a struggle too.  Because I need that, right?!

So, today's run involved three bits.  Run to the Sweatshop Sunday long run.  Do the long run.  Run home.  Part one - that was okay.  Survived in one piece with no particular problem other than just generally feeling a bit tired.  Part two - ran with a running friend, which was good... you get to chat and survive it together... plus, she wanted to run at a fairly steady pace and that suited me fine.  What wasn't fine, however, was the bloomin' head wind we were running into for most of our run.  It was relentless.  Even swearing at it a bit didn't help (and that *always* helps!)... and it carried on battering us.  Head on.  Blowing across us.  Head on and swirly.  Urgh.  We did at least have the wind behind us on the way back, but after nearly 4 miles of battering, it was poor relief... and neither of us were really feeling the run at all.  Chatting or not chatting, a hard run is still a hard run.

Then... part three.  The bit we'll call 'I gave up after 1.5 miles, walked for half a mile, then ran the last half mile home.  And it was horrible.  A slow shuffle for most of it.  And after a mile or so of hill, I'd had enough and couldn't face running up the last bit of hill.  So, I stopped my Garmin and trudged.  Even running down the hill at the end wasn't the normal fun-fest.  I was frozen (wore the wrong clothes - again!).  And tired.  And my ankle was hurting a fair bit.

Okay, so I still did it.  But I think I've broken myself a fair bit!

Tomorrow will involve a VERY gentle run.  VERY gentle.  I am officially knackered.

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:11.56 mi
Avg Pace:9:45 min/mi
Elevation Gain:310 ft

Cool down

Distance:0.55 mi
Avg Pace:8:56 min/mi

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