Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Runstreak Day #172 - the stop-starty-fit-it-in-the-gap run...

Today's run was a 'not sure if I have time to fit in a run' run... and turned out to be a stop starty affair as I ran with my daughter coming along on her bike.

In between her asking how much further it was to go, which was the shortest route and trying to get her to wear the right number of layers of clothing (not very many being the right answer, not the leggings, long sleeve top, dungaree dress and socks she had on!)... it was pretty pleasant.  Tried a different route.  Didn't get attacked by flies (hooray!).  Sweated up a storm (nice).  And got out there.  Fitting in a run in the sliver of time between getting home from work and going out with friends.

It occurred to me when I was running this evening that I haven't run listening to music for a while.  Not sure what the reason is other than I'm either with one of the kids or I just don't fancy it.  Which is weird because during the winter months I liked feeling cosily contained with my music and my running.  Now, it doesn't seem quite so necessary.

Anyhoo... I did it.  Came home with a sweaty beetroot face.  Showered and changed to go out.  Still with massive red face to compliment my red dress.  Fancy.  ;o)

Haven't even had a celebratory cuppa.  That's what you get with a shoehorn run.  Just no time to do anything very much... but there's always time for a run!

Geeky stats stuff

  • 4.4mi
  • 34:51
     Moving Time
  • 7:58/mi

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