Friday, 24 October 2014

Runstreak Day #320 - hilly runs with friends...

... inflicting hills on runners who don't normally do hills is kinda mean.  Ish.  Only you just can't be afraid of hills.  Once you get your head around how to run them, it's then just a case of watching them help your legs get stronger.  And yet, no-one really seems to like doing hills because they're kind of hard work.

Still, it's nicer running them with friends.  Which is what I did tonight.  Although because I was leading the run with a route I'd made up, I always worry ever so slightly that everyone's going to hate me afterwards.  After all, you have inflicted hills on them!  I did enjoy the run though.  It's exciting that it's the first of our Notts Women Runners runs.  And fingers crossed in the next couple of weeks we can get it registered as a Run England group before heading towards affiliated club status next year.

In fact, as we were running, a woman came up to one of our group and asked about who we were running with.  I love the fact that we can say we're a new running group - and we passed on the details of our Facebook group and hopefully we'll have another new member.  I love that a group of 8 women got together this evening and tackled hills.  I love that I get to be part of that too.

And yet again, I'm grateful of the chance to feel 'normal' without the anxiety that plagues so many other things that I attempt at the moment.  Normal with added hills and running friends.  That's pretty good for a Thursday evening.

Geeky stats stuff

Distance:4.40 mi
Avg Pace:9:04 min/mi
Elevation Gain:282 ft

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