Monday, 20 October 2014

Runstreak Day #314 - post physio run

Shoulders achy... check
Back achy... check
Neck achy... check
Ankle stiff and achy... check

That would be the joy of running after visiting the physio. He's been really good so far and very supportive of my running... I'm just impatient to feel my normal self again.  

I left running until the evening.  And ended up doing a hillier run than I originally intended just because I was a) being competitive and winning back a segment on Strava (which means nothing to snybody but satisfied me for a few minutes!) and b) just doing a different route.  At the moment I think I prefer running in the dark.  It feels less threatening some how. When I walk on my own during the daytime, as I've been challenged to do by my counsellor, there is always a point where the anxiety takes over and I end up in tears.  At night, when I'm running and it's quiet and dark, I feel much calmer some how.

I don't really understand what's going on in my head other than the extreme tension of walking / being in a car isn't at all how I feel when I'm running. It gives me a chance to relax a little when I'm outside.

When I started to run back in January last year, it was all just hard work. I could never have imagined feeling relaxed when running, but I do.  Even when it's hilly.  And cold.  And dark.  And I hurt from the aftermath of the accident.  Running is my safe space.

Isn't that an odd thing?

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