Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Runstreak Day #299 - nearly 300

And nearly didn't get out there as I really wasn't feeling very good at all today. From messed up emotions to coughing, sore throaty patheticness. By the time I went it was dark a windy out. And not that nice at all.

In the end, I decided to aim only for the bare minimum of two miles and if I did more that would be fine. And that's what I did. Slowly. Not pushing myself, not breathing too hard or doing anything to aggravate my back, ankle or ribs. And going completely into auto pilot mode. Sometimes you have to do what it takes to get your run done,  

And I was glad I did it although I very nearly had a panic attack when some idiots in a car beeped at me and yelled really loudly in my direction. Won't do that route on my own for a while. I need to feel safe when I run and I didn't after that,

Right. Last run if the 200s done. They've been 'interesting'.  Let's hope the 300s are a smidgen kinder to me.

Geeky stats stuff

2.47 mi
8:54 min/mi
Avg Pace
117 ft

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