Saturday, 4 October 2014

Runstreak Day #301 - the night before the HM

The day before the Robin Hood half marathon.  A slow run.  Am having a bit of a struggle with recovering from the crash (if you hadn't guessed from my last few blog posts), and my energy is shot to pieces.

I wanted to do the Robin Hood as my first half marathon.  Although I ended up doing another in June so it's not my first, it is still a race that I wanted to do to see what I could accomplish.  Now, I just want to get it done.  I don't want to disgrace myself.  I feel fed up that I can't get anywhere near the time I might have got had the accident not happened.  But I will get to the end of it.

And today's run was the last one before I do the half.

Please let me not let myself down.

Geeky stats stuff

3.24 mi
8:31 min/mi
Avg Pace
156 ft
Elev Gain

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